Donson D'souza
Blackfrog Technologies

Design Alpha under industry veteran Dr. Suresh Nair has provided Blackfrog end to end solutions with Design For Manufacture (DFM) for our flagship product "Emvolio". We have had a very fulfilling engagement with DA and are looking forward to working on future projects. 

Alex Beaudette
Harvard Innovations Lab

I have had an incredibly positive experience working with Design Alpha. They are very professional, hardworking, and produce high quality work promptly. I would highly recommend Design Alpha and look forward to continuing to work with them.

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Eshan Sadasivan
Prosoc Innovators

The experience of working with the product design experts in the Design Alpha team was enriching. The inputs provided were creative and productive. The team is highly competent enough to guide as per the need of a start-up in the product development and commercialization stage.


Dr. Malini Menon
Devic Earth

Design Alpha has been the design and engineering partner of Devic Earth for more than a year now. The commitment to deliver quality service and products along with extensive customer support are the hallmarks of this organization. We deeply value the association that we have with the immensely talented team at Design Alpha. We look forward to continued partnership with this organization for our future innovations and projects.


Girish Yadav

We reached out to Design Alpha through lot of recommendations and we are not surprised, they are set of highly professional and technically sound minded people. What separates them is the flexibility they offer during the project, regular discussions makes things easy and smooth. And the company's motto " Do it once but do it perfect " is fantastic approach to have in team.


Samir Dayal Singh

Design Alpha helped us quickly prototype and field test our product proposition. The team understood our problems and also took care of the problems that we didn't know we would face. Hardware is crucial as well as risky but with their support, we got the space to focus on understanding our customer needs better and not be deviated by the everlasting and messy challenges of dealing with the hardware side. The product batch was well tested in their labs and performed well on the field, so that we quickly moved to the next improved version. 

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