At Design Alpha

Comprehensive electronics engineering practices and solutions involving electronic circuits, devices and systems.

Schematic Development

Development of an optimal system involving electronic circuits and systems based on accurate engineering calculations and precision.

PCB Design

Ideating new optimal PCB Gerber design for real world systems and experiences.

Circuit testing & Debugging:

Assessment of electronic systems involving electronic circuits and components for optimisation based on testing and feedback

Compliance Testing

Undertaking standard compliance tests for assessment of the industry standard for the electronic system.

Our Work Flow

  • Understand

    The major factor in a successful electronic design is interpreting the requirement of the electronic device under development.

  • Evaluate

    Understanding of all information and key data available. Identification of the problem statement allows for detailed focus on schematic solutions.

  • Ideate

    Out-of-the-box thinking helps in initiation of positive solutions and evaluation. Brainstorming sessions are conducted to generate a multiple solution for the problem.

  • Prototyping & Testing

    Development of assessment boards for thorough feedback study to ensure the ideal processing of the electronic systems incorporated. A looped feedback process is run to ensure the optimum result is obtained upon the end of testing.