Domain Expertise

Defence & Aero






Industrial Design

Products need to be designed for aesthetics appeal without compromising functionality and ergonomics. A good balance of these aspects enables customer success. Marketing and sales can focus on the key deliverable of the product to increase traction. Our in-house industrial design team has experience in mechanical engineering and manufacturing processes. Rather first design a shape and try to fit in the components inside, our approach is to first model the internals and then come up with the outer industrial design. Design Alpha focuses on ease of manufacturability, cost optimisation for tooling. Intended product performance is achieved by incorporating inputs from each stage of a user’s journey. 

Mechanical Design and Engineering

For sheet metal, plastics and machining we have well experienced mechanical team and engineering team. Which provides 3D and 2D manufacturing documents. All design undergo a stress analysis, FEM, and thermal analysis. For product development we work on test jigs, design special purpose machines, and development on robotics.  A networked of partners make available services high resolution 3D printing, vacuum casting, tooling, volume manufacturing and project depended requirements are fulfilled.

Electronics Design and Engineering

In-house well experienced  team with expertise on Analog, Digital, Mixed Signal, High Speed Signals,  FPGA, Controllers and Processors. Developing Schematics, Simulation, and Gerber Layout which ensures no-hassle manufacturing later. Multilayer board and flex board designs are done internally. 

EMI/EMC standards Regulatory Compliances. Pre-compliance testing support is available and all designs go through a Thermal analysis. Well networked partners for PCB fabrication. Design for manufacturability complied for easy transferability and avoids delays.


Power Electronics Design and Engineering

DC-DC converters, EV Chargers, Solar Based Systems, Thermal Analysis. Electronic products designed as per guidelines for their intended operating environments. Safety and regulations are met to overcome any operational complexity. 

RF Design, Antenna Design and Engineering

Apart form general design considerations, such as antenna length and feed, shape and size of ground plane. We look into aspects such as return path, control of scattering, high-power issues, such as multi-paction, passive intermodulation (PIM), electrostatic discharge (ESD) and other challenges.

Optical and Photonics

Our work focuses on optical technology for biomedical applications. Optoelectronics, optomechanical designs and miniaturized optical systems have a growing application in various consumer, automotive, healthcare and industrial needs

Design For Manufacturability

Electronic Component placement and fiducial  to suit volume manufacturing. PCB layout for EMI/EMC compliance. Component lifecycle review. Optimisation of Mechanical designs to suit manufacturing. Mechanical manufacturing process review. Mechanical Stress, Strain Analysis, Thermal analysis. Proto build and volume build services available.