At Design Alpha

Connecting the electronic system with the designed hardware using the latest programming platforms attaining the highest level of data transfer.


Development of an optimal system involving Wifi technology for ease of system acceptance at a wider range of adaptation.

8/16/32 Bit Microcontroller Programming

Development of an optimal system involving bluetooth connectivity enabling ease of access to the latest mobile devices

Linux RTOS

Adaptation of radio frequency system for linking the hardware and electronic systems.

HMI Development

Development of programming structure enabling ease in data extraction and decoding

Our Work Flow

  • Understand

    The understanding of the overall product as such is the key task at hand. We do an in-depth analysis of the important challenges regarding the product to system digital interface.

  • Evaluate

    Understanding of all the key components of the hardware data available. Identification of the link required between the hardware and electronic systems for highest data transfer and interpretation.

  • Solution

    Our designated firmware team programs the instructions using the latest programming languages to initiate a positive feedback and interpretation of the overall system

  • Prototyping & Testing

    Running multiple rounds of testing to ensure a strong connection between the electronic and hardware system. A continual testing process is undertaken to optimise the firmware.