Industrial Design

At Design Alpha

A strategic problem-solving procedure backed by innovation leading to a higher standard of life through cutting edge products and experiences. Being an Industrial designer allows us to connect between varied professional and business organizations.


Consumer driven

Products developed aimed at betterment of the standard & experience of the wider population.

Concept Design

Ideating new out-of-the-box thinking concepts for real world consumers’ goods for enhancing the product usage.

Enclosure Design

Development of an optimal enclosure based on accurate engineering calculations and precision.


Manufacturing of a specific set of models for an intensive feasibility study and iterative feedback process.

Our Work Flow

  • Understand

    The key steps involved in a successful design process is understanding the overview of the issues put forth by our clients and recognizing the task at hand. We do an in-depth analysis of the key obstacles and dilemmas regarding the product from a customer point-of-view.

  • Evaluate

    Interpretation of all gathered information and detail the crucial concerns thoroughly. Creation of a consumer oriented problem statement allows for detailed focus on the identifying patterns and concerns over a wider demography.

  • Conceive

    Out-of-the-box thinking helps in initiation of positive solutions and evaluation. Brainstorming sessions are conducted to generate a multiple solution for the problem.

  • Prototyping & Testing

    A real world representation of the ideal solution proposed is created and put through a test phase to identify the feedback. An iterative process is run to ensure the optimum result is obtained upon the end of testing.