Low Volume Manufacturing

At Design Alpha

Low volume manufacturing helps assessment of the market needs and acceptance of the products developed. The process guided us to transition from a one-off prototype model to full scale production.

Cost effectiveness

Optimal allocation of the product budget allowing for an optimal selection of the manufacturing process essential for production of the product.

Ideal Production Volume

Estimation of the production volume to be manufactured based on a detailed market assessment.

Quality Assurance

Evaluation of quality standard for the developed product to ensure compliance with the industry standards and excellent user experience.

Ideal Manufacturing Selection

Development of the concept design considering the most suitable production process of all components involved and maximum efficiency.

Our Work Flow

  • Understand

    Identifying the current market needs for the products and the value being added by the product upon release.

  • Evaluation

    Exploring various problems, ideas and opportunities for identifying alteration and improvement for the betterment of the product.

  • Solution

    Identification of the core material and manufacturing processes to ensure the achievement of the optimum production volume and cost effectiveness.

  • Market Feedback

    Thorough understanding of the market performance and acceptance of the product enables us to analyse the feedback and provide an updated version of the product.