Mechanical Design & Analysis

At Design Alpha

Study, analysis and synthesis of the entire mechanical design process involving concept design, industrial design,  development of CAD models, simulation,  prototyping and production.


Concept Design

Development of a concept industrial design with priority for achieving design for manufacturability and design efficiency.

CAD Modeling

Design and Development of CAD models for the digital representation of the product and also allows for multiple simulation analysis.

Research & Development

Thorough study of the mechanical processes, mechanisms and systems for conducting analysis of the product being developed.

2D Drafting

Detailed 2D drawings with accurate dimensions of the designed components based on the industry standard drawing practices following the geometric dimensioning and tolerances.

Our Work Flow

  • Empathize

    The understanding of the crucial need for the product to be developed and definition of the important factors to be addressed for the ideal operation of the system.

  • Evaluation

    Study of the key components and systems required for the proper functionality. Also, the identification of the performance parameters for the development of new constituents.

  • Solution

    Our mechanical design team performs detailed R&D on the required components and systems to create the ideal solution for the mechanical design.

  • Prototyping & Testing

    Development of a prototype model for the assessment of the system. All elements of the product undergo thorough testing for evaluation of the functioning capability and efficiency in performance.