Prototype Development

At Design Alpha

Development of prototype models enabling us to translate our concept ideas to reality. Prototypes are engineered based on bringing together all the components and systems.


Design for Manufacturability

Development of a concept design considering design for manufacturability of all components involved and maximum efficiency.

User Experience

Importance given to ensure the ease and comfortable use by the end consumer.

Cost effectiveness

Ensuring the cost of components and designed parts are kept financially feasible for ideal production volume. 

Compliance Standards

Evaluation of quality and compliance standards for the developed systems to ensure market acceptance and optimal performance.

Our Work Flow

  • Understand

    The design thinking process allows for a thorough dive into understanding the full utility and user experience for the product under development.

  • Evaluation

    Exploring various problems, design ideas and opportunities for identifying the key alteration necessary for the improvement of the product.

  • Solution

    Formulation of various solutions for the problem at hand and investigation of each assumption and experiments to reach an ideal conclusion.

  • Testing

    Allows us the opportunity to exercise the notion “Learning by Doing”. Enabling the opportunity to check the uncertainties and unknowns by testing out the physical design of the product being developed.